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Jan 1, 2004 Great Expectations: The Singles Collection added
Nov 21, 2003 Strange Brotherhood Promo CD and Ocean Rising Promo CD-R added
Sept 25, 2003 Got theth hit today. Thanks to all of you!
May 12, 2003 Ocean Rising CD1 and Ocean Rising CD2 added
Mar 31, 2003 mp3-section closed
Mar 28, 2003 Two new unique covers painted by Joolz added: 125 MPH and Understand U
Mar 26, 2003 Got theth hit today.
Mar 14, 2003 Lost Songs, Twilight Home and Navigating By The Stars added
Jan 17, 2003 Got theth hit today.
Nov 28, 2002 The Best added
Nov 2, 2002 Got the th hit today.
Sep 30, 2002 Peter's New Model Army Page is back and will be updated in the usual way!
Apr 26, 2002 Got the th hit today.
Apr 8, 2002 German Get Me Out CD added
Purity cassette-single added
Strange Brotherhood promo added
Asylum's Suckling The Mutant Mother CD added
Feb 20, 2002 Got the th hit today.
Dec 17, 2001 Completed my collection of Japanese releases with:
- New Model Army: The Price
- New Model Army: Vengeance
- Joolz: Love Is ... (Sweet Romance)
see also:
- New Model Army: Adrenalin
- New Model Army No Rest For The Wicked
Nov 20, 2001 Got the th hit today. 
Oct 16, 2001 Excellent photos from Hardenberg 2001 added to the photo site
Sep 24, 2001 Vengeance - The Independent Story and Thunder and Consolation added to Misprints
History - The Best of New Model Army added
Autographed Lights Go Out added
Joolz' new german book release Das Tor des Schmerzes added
Aug 29, 2001 Got the th hit today.
Jul 18, 2001 Collaboration: Red Sky Coven Volume 3 added
Jul 12, 2001 Photos added (Bratislava and Komoca)
Jul 3, 2001 Collaboration: Macuna added
Compilation: Decadance Vol. 3 added
Joolz' second novel Corazon added
May 17, 2001 Got the th hit today.
Major mp3-list update: 4049 songs 
Feb 26, 2001 Got the th hit today.
Nov 10, 2000 20th Anniversary Concert at Nottingham 2000-10-23 added
Sep 22, 2000 Got the th hit today.
Sep 18, 2000 You Weren't There added
Aug 2, 2000 Orange Tree Roads added
Jul 17, 2000 NEW E-MAIL ADDR:
Jun 15, 2000 Collaboration LPs The Bishop Of Buffalo and Freeborn John added 
Joolz' first novel Stone Baby added 
You Weren't There added to Looking-for list
Jun 9, 2000 Help on untitled Poems by Joolz needed 
Rare Demos from 1981 added to CD-Rs (incl. the song 'New Model Army')
May 29, 2000 Some photos from Lienz, Apr 1, 2000 added
May 3, 2000 Got the th hit today.
Apr 10, 2000 New Joolz record added: Protection 12"
Feb 28, 2000 Start of a portal site for New Model Army 
Chapter 1 of 'Stone Baby' read by Joolz in mp3-format
Vagabonds added to Bootlegs
Feb 11, 2000 Joolz update: 'Stone Baby' promo booklet, 'Stone Baby' promo tape, 'Errors of the Spirit' infos, some Joolz photos, a Red Sky Coven promo photo
Feb 4, 2000 New album Eight added
Jan 26, 2000 mp3-site of Coverversions of New Model Army songs
Official Joolz Web Site added to my Joolz links 
Rare Green And Grey 3" maxi-CD added
Jan 24, 2000 Test of Peter's New Model Army Radio. You can listen to 1767 New Model Army recordings in random order. If this radio is online, you can find a 'NMA Radio'-button on my main site. For technical requirements to listen check
Jan 14, 2000 A few live photos added to the Red Sky Coven site
Dec 20, 1999 Got the th hit today. 
Dec 10, 1999 Three new records added: Vagabonds 7" promo, Understand U 7" promo (one-sided!); Joolz: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know 12"
Dec 3, 1999 Concert photos from Poznan 1999 added to the new photos section at the miscellaneous site
Nov 8, 1999 Collaborations & Compilations added
Nov 2, 1999 State Of Mind - Demos & Rarities and Live in Germany 88-90 added to Bootlegs
South African The Ghost Of Cain CD release added
Sep 14, 1999 Peter's Joolz Page started at
Sep 10, 1999 Rare Bittersweet 7" with misspelt credits added
Sep 6, 1999 Rare finnish 10 track (!) Vengeance LP added
Aug 26, 1999 My e-mail problems are fixed.
Aug 24, 1999 Red vinyl re-issues of Vengeance and Radio Sessions added 
South African Raw Melody Men CD release added
Aug 19, 1999 mp3-list updated: Now you can select your wishes for the mp3-site from more than 1.100 titles = 1.74 GB = 74 hours = 3 days of NMA music 
Check also the updated cover-versions site
Jul 27, 1999 Received the new live album ... & Nobody Else: details added 
Details on the Taubertal-Festival added to my Gigs page
Jul 2, 1999 New gigs added to CD-Rs collection. Plus: Source, length, and rating added to all CD-Rs
May 10, 1999 My site has got the th hit since I've started counting exactly one year ago. 
May 6, 1999 New section CD-Rs added. There you can find a list of my live recordings. Interested in a trade ..? 
Here Comes The War promo maxi CD added: The only release with "Radio Edit" version
Apr 2, 1999 Buttons  added for easier navigation through my collection - Just start at my first album, single, or bootleg and click across
Mar 30, 1999 Promotional copies extended: The Love Of Hopeless Causes promo CD added
Mar 25, 1999 Mega rare Japanese 7-track e.p. Adrenalin added 
Brazilian The Love Of Hopeless Causes promo LP added 
"Looking-for" list updated and images added
Mar 24, 1999 Mail order links updated: More Music and Final in Vinyl added
Mar 16, 1999 Wonderful Way To Go promo maxi CD added
Mar 11, 1999 12" poster covers completed: White Coats, Stupid Questions, Green and Grey
Mar 3, 1999 All Of This - The Live Rarities will be released on Apr 19, 1999. Find here detailed information and links to the records where the tracks were released originally
Feb 22, 1999 Typo  added to list of misprints (thanks to Freak) 
Mail order links updated
Feb 17, 1999 List of misprints added to Miscellaneous
Canadian Vengeance CD added
Feb 16, 1999 Interview by Donnacha DeLong added to Miscellaneous
Feb 15, 1999 New "Miscellaneous" menu for New Model Army related stuff 
"Vinyl Days" added: A list of 30 official NMA releases available on vinyl only 
Heroes Of A Ghost Town added to bootleg-list
Renaissance Records and Secondhand Daylight added to mail order links
Feb 4, 1999 List of cover songs done by New Model Army added
Feb 3, 1999 Alphabetical index added to the collection pages: Now you can easily browse through my collection
Feb 1, 1999 Collection page updated: Now you can find detailed information to all my 32 album-, 76 single-, and 24 bootleg-releases of New Model Army!
Jan 29, 1999 Red Sky Coven played in Munich. Read some details on the gig.
Jan 22, 1999 Browse through my list of mp3-songs and tell me what you want to hear next ..!
Jan 19, 1999 Infos on the new Red Sky Coven CD: "Volumes 1&2"
Jan 18, 1999 Infos on the Maxi-CDs: Vagabonds, Green and Grey, and Purity
Jan 8, 1999 New Search feature: search my indexed sites very fast
Dec 18, 1998 Detailed informations and images of the Japanese No Rest For The Wicked vinyl release. 
Dec 15, 1998 Coloured scans of the uniquely Joolz' covers for "I Love The World" and "125 MPH (Alternative harmonica mix)" . See also the story for details
Dec 3, 1998 Since Justin dedicated "Vengeance" to Campino, the frontman of "Die Toten Hosen", on the Köln-Gig Nov 8, 1998, this seems to be weakly NMA-related: Yesterday, "Die Roten Rosen" (aka "Die Toten Hosen") played a club gig in Vienna at the "Chelsea" for 250 people! It was phantastic - two and a half hours of finest punk-rock! Here is the original setlist.
Nov 16, 1998 Start of a periodic mp3 soundfiles-update every Monday
Oct 1, 1998 Merchandise information sheets added for: Vengeance, No Rest for the Wicked, The Ghost of Cain, Radio Sessions, Thunder and Consolation, Impurity, Raw Melody Men
Sep 28, 1998 My "Looking-for" list added

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