NEW MODEL ARMY Miscellaneous
Some New Model Army related stuff
Vinyl Days A list of (25!) officially released songs available on vinyl only!
Cover Songs A list of cover versions done by New Model Army I own
Covers of NMA Songs mp3's of cover versions of New Model Army songs done by other artists
Misprints A list of misprints on New Model Army records
Interview Copy of an interview with Justin Sullivan by Donnacha DeLong published in the  in Feb 1999.
Prizewinner Joolz Joolz won the "Crime Writers' Association New Writing competition" in 1998. Here you can find a copy of the "Sunday Times"-article, Joolz' opening chapter to "Stone Baby".
History Copy of an article published in the magazine "Spiral Scratch" concering NMA's history till 1989
Photos Some concert photos taken by others without webspace

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