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Sooner or later, almost every New Model Army fan stumbles into the work of Joolz. So did I. Firstly, there is the design of the New Model Army covers that are done by Joolz. Secondly, there is her voice on "Space". Thirdly, one gets interested in this woman and starts buying the first records by Joolz. E.g. Hex, a wonderful album, of which Justin Sullivan claims that it was the best record he ever did. Thereafter, one gets impressed by her poetry, wants to read more of them, and buys her books, Emotional Terrorism and The Pride of Lions. But to understand the magic of this woman one has to see her live. I was lucky to see Joolz together with Justin Sullivan and Rev Hammer on their Red Sky Coven tour in 1999. She's got an incredible presence on stage. She gets hold of your interest. She makes you laugh. She makes you cry. She is wonderful ...-Peter-

And now - some words by Joolz from an e-mail she's sent me on Sep 13, 1999:
dear peter
it's beautiful, and very impressive. how interesting for me to see all my artwork in one place, like a little gallery - something i've never seen before. thank you for all your hard work - it all seems fine to me.
regards, joolz

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